remote proxy

I want to test if anyone from my network can use remote proxy.
I found the following defenitions in the Internet : Remote Proxy -  These are simply websites that you go to, then surffrom. They act as the middle-man, hiding you.
Currently we are using our own proxy -TMG, and all my clients PCs are set up to use TMG.
Do anyone know how I can test if they can use any remote proxy and surf in internet and open  sites which are blocked by our URL filtering device(checkpoint R75.20)
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Looks like the client proxy setting can be changed and it is opening up means to change the setting.

One tedious means, can be go into client and use netstat or other connection display utility to verify connections appear for client-proxy but not client-server. if this can be remotely done, it will be better.

Also there are some online revealer that you may be interested in.
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