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I need to write a query in DB2 to get  all the records in BALANCETABLE where the year_id is '2012', period_id is 0, and souce_id does NOT contain within the value 'abc123' .  My Statment looks like this:    

SELECT * FROM "BALANCETABLE" where  year_ID = '2012' and period_ID = 0 and souceinterid NOT like 'VDB193' ;

What am i doing wrong here
Steve SamsonAsked:
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Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:

Hi cutler,

You need to include one or more "wild cards" in the string

Find all items starting with the string:

  LIKE 'VBD193%'

Find all items ending with the string:

  LIKE '%VBD193'

Find all items containing the string:

  LIKE '%VBD193%'

Good Luck,
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