Power point links to excel, want to change where they point.

Power point links to excel, want to change where they point.  I have a lot of links and I don't have to have to copy and paste special, is there another way to update all thes links. I'm looking to point them to a xls that is in the same folder at the ppt.
Please help.
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Rob HensonConnect With a Mentor Finance AnalystCommented:
I have just been playing with embedding a chart from Excel into a PPT slide.

Just doing a straight paste I was unable to change the source document but I was able to open the Excel file embedded within the slide. The whole file was copied into the ppt file.

I also tried pasting as a link. I was then able to change the source using the Edit > Links window - Change Source.

I suspect if the Edit Links option is not available in your file, the excel sheets have been inserted into rather than linked to your powerpoint file.

Doesn't look like good news, apologies!!

Rob H
cdb424ttmAuthor Commented:
It seems that this is something that can't be done!
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