Is there Java interpreter optimization of if (expressions) ?

My Java code,

for my game, I'd like to reduce computing time,

I have a section...

serverMode =0 means the server is waiting for all the clients to join, 69 is the code for a client-join message

          if ((serverMode==0)&&(command==69)) {// JOIN MESSAGE

I then want an  } else if (serverMode==1)  { //player move message

Will the  if (servermode==0... aspect immediately jump to the else ServerMode==1 query?

ServerMode = 1 once all the players have joined, so once the game starts, I don't need it to check if command is 69.
Does the interpreter do any optimization, or recognize shortcuts?

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you mean if serverMode is not zero , then it will not check the second part - that is truye - taht's how java will be working by deafualt
>>Will the  if (servermode==0... aspect immediately jump to the else ServerMode==1 query?

Yes, if serverMode doesn't evaluate to zero. It won't even bother evaluating 'command'
You don't need to do anything special - java is doing that in the ordere ofmnlogical statements smartly
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It is just like CEHJ said.

The "&&" is a short circuit operand.

So in your expression:

>> if ((serverMode==0)&&(command==69))

If serverMode == 0 is false, the && operand won't evaluate command=69

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Java does it in a smart way, that's why it allows you such very common constructions:

if(myObject != null && myObject.getAge() != 5) {....}

in this case if myObject is null java will evaluate the whole thing as fasle and skipp the second comaprison altgether and thus avoid NullPointerException, which would otherwise happen
if it  evaluation of those parts would have beeen done indpendnetly (and if myObject happens to be null and then it would have tried to invoke method on null
with resulting nullpointer exception)

We are using this all the time, so you don't need to to do anything specific to avoid second condition evaluation

By the way similar thing happen with OR condition( ||  ) - if the left part is true - java would come with the overall reslt true
and not bother to go the rest of the comaprison


You can read more details about how Java eveluates logical expressions here:
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