need to convert date to MMYYYY format

Hi experts, I have a column with smalldatetime format ex:2005-02-26 11:39:00 , I need to convert this to
MMYYYY format (022005 should be my result).
Pls help
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Try this :
declare @hr smalldatetime
set @hr = GETDATE()  -- @hr must be replace by your field at select statement.
select right(CONVERT(varchar(6),@hr,112),2) + left(CONVERT(varchar(6),@hr,112),4) as [My Date]

hope this help!

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Try this:

select STR(MONTH(getdate()),2)+str(DAY(getdate()),2)+str(YEAR(getdate()),4)

Replace getdate() with your date variable/column name
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sqlcuriousAuthor Commented:
Thanks all but none of the above answers helped :
This works even better to show single digit months and days with a leading 0 :

select replace(convert(char,getdate(),10),'-','')
like this


select right('0'+datename(mm,Yourdate),2)+datename(yy,Yourdate) as MMYYYY
sqlcuriousAuthor Commented:
I did this and it worked:
SELECT ((SUBSTRING(REPLACE((CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), '2005-02-26 11:39:00', 112)), '-', ''),5,6)+(SUBSTRING(REPLACE((CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), '2005-02-26 11:39:00', 112)), '-', ''),1,4))))

and also for DALSOM's answer if I change it to
select right(CONVERT(varchar(7),'2005-02-26 11:39:00',112),2) + left(CONVERT(varchar(6),'2005-02-26 11:39:00',112),4)
it works, so assigning partial points to DALSOM.
sqlcuriousAuthor Commented:
I think this will work:

select left(replace(convert(char,Yourdate,110),'-',''),2)+RIGHT(rtrim(replace(convert(char,YourDate,110),'-','')),4)
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
How complicated.  Surely this would be better:
RIGHT(REPLACE(CONVERT(varchar(10), '2005-02-26 11:39:00', 103), '/', ''), 6
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
All way too complicated ! :

    STUFF(CONVERT(varchar(10), GETDATE(), 101), 3, 4, '')

Naturally replace GETDATE() with your own date.

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Good one.
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