html() issue

see this:
$(document).ready(function() {
      $(".closegroup").live("click", function() {                        
      return false;
<a href="" class="closegroup" onclick="return false;">Close</a>
<span id="x1">
<select name="tester" id="tester">
<option value="0">Not Set
<option value="4">4
<option value="5">5
<option value="6">6
<span id="x2" style="border:solid 1px red;">

select a value from select box then click close
the select box that appears in x2 is reset to not set.
is there a way to retain the value of elements when one does something like this?

keep in mind that this is a real simple ex only and that in real life there would be many form elements.
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David S.Commented:
Copying the HTML contents like that recreates the elements each time, so the values of form controls that were modified by the user will be lost.

Do you really need to move the elements? I suggest you consider giving the container "display:none" or absolutely positioning it off the left side of the page.
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
I am aware of WHY - I asked if someone knew of some new fangled function ...

What I actually am doing is removing the specified elements from the form scope.
So my second question is how do I remove from form scope - I can then simply hide().
Then show() and how does one put them  back again.

Copying the HTML with html() will copy the whole html without the selection.Its is just like creating the element for 1st time.
If u want to capture the selection then 1st u have to find the selected value from the first dropdown.This can be done by :
$("#x1 option:selected").html() - it will return the selected value

Then u can create the 2nd dropdown.So the final code should be :

$(".closegroup").live("click", function() {                      
                        if($(this).html() == $("#x1 option:selected").html()) {
      return false;

Also instead of checking html(), u can check for attr("value") as well.
Hope this helps :)
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Kiran SonawaneProject LeadCommented:
You can do this with single line

$('#x2 select').val($('#x1 select').val());

Test page :
David S.Commented:
> What I actually am doing is removing the specified elements from the form scope.

Would you please explain why you are doing that?  A much simpler solution would be to set them as disabled so that their name/values would not be included when the form is submitted and hide them instead of moving them.

Alternatively, if you use the append(), prepend(), before(), or after() methods to move the elements to a different parent, you should not lose the current values.

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dgrafxAuthor Commented:
i've discovered that values are retained with i.e. 8 (didn't try 7 or ff) but with i.e. 9 values are not retained and i had been testing with 9
i will try disabled - i had assumed that disabled elements were still in the form scope
i'll report back in a few hours
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
ok - you are right is saying that disabled fields are not in the form scope.

so how would one code jquery to disable all form fields within a specific id (<span id="x1">misc form fields</span>)?

Kiran SonawaneProject LeadCommented:
You can disabled it like

$("#x1 input select").attr('disabled',true);
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
thanks for all the input
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