Printer does not show in Devices and Printers

Printer does not appear in Devices and Printers BUT DOES appear in list when choosing from program.

It appears in the list as (COPY 1) of the original and it says that it has documents in queue.  

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It appears from ALL programs?

Can you post a few screenshots?
Printer type/ model?
Any software installed prior to this behaviour happening?
shawnlevinAuthor Commented:
I'll grab some screen shots when i can get back on machine - it shows up in ALL programs when you go to print something.   In that list it also says that there are documents waiting to print (very odd)
Does not show in list when looking at "Devices and Printers" from control panel.

Printer with problem is "Epson 9800 (Copy 1)".  The one that works it the "Epson 9800"
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Before to solve the problem yo must to have an original driver or CD driver to use it
step 1
turn off the printer after that unplug printer from wall.
turn off the PC
Unplug cale data from printer and PC
step 2
turn on the pc in save mode here the link how to start 
in save mode remove all the printers apered in device and printers and after that remove all printer driver maneger
step 3 if you have an unistall program for your printer i recomand to use it and stap 2 is not neded to do
step 4
reboot the PC
step 5
after the windos was complitly booted insert the printer CD or use driver and follow the steps from driver instalation
when the istall program asck to conect your printer first time conect the data cable and aftr that conect the power cable and swich on the printer
step 6
folwer the instal program until the end
step 7
print tesst page to se it is work

I would search in the registry for.....

Epson 9800 (Copy 1)

Will probably find it under the folowing keys.... Back them up and delete them. See if it still occurs after a reboot....

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers

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Try uninstalling the printer + drivers from your system and re-install.
shawnlevinAuthor Commented:
The keys were only in that part of the registry, we purged every instance of the (COPY 1), rebooted and all was good from there.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
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