How to configure user permission for FTP / vsftpd on Linux

Im trying to setup an FTP-serve on Ubuntu 11. I can log in a local user, and read and copy files to the computer I am accessing from. But I can't do any write operations on the server.
The error is 553 could not create file.

I've been reading alot on this matter in different forums, and this seems to be a common problem. But so far I haven't found any solutions. I have done most of the things that are often mentioned:

I have the following settings in the vsftpd.conf:

Local users are allowed to login
Write is enabled
Local umask = 022

I am not running SELinux. At least I don't think so. This is a fresh installation from a VPS provider. And I couldnt the package in the list of installed applications.

Doesn't seem to have a firewall installed? I read that UFW is supposed to be on Ubuntu by default, but the UFW command is "not found", when trying to use it.

The permission on the folders/files seem to be 755. Shouldnt that be enough? (I am new to the Linux, so if I am missing out on something basic about permission, please enlighten me...)
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What is the folder ownership where you are trying to write?

As what ID are you trying to ftp?
What is the write folder permission for that user

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andre_stAuthor Commented:
Turned it was my lack of understanding of file permission in Linux. After a bit of reading, I realized that the folders and content I was trying to modify, was created by "root", and i was trying to change it with another account - which is not allowed.

After changing ownership of files/folders, and setting up usergroups - everything is working nicely :-)
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