I'm working on a phone system that was setup before I worked here. It is an asterisk phone system one of the polycom phones has gone out today and won't work at all. I have some replacement phones in the back. What I need to do is figure out how I can setup the phone to work with asterisk as well as setting it up with the same extension and everything so it works just as the old phone worked. I have access to the asterisk server and all files in it just not sure what I'm looking up first time dealing with this issue. Thank You
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Frank MayerConnect With a Mentor Technical Voip SupportCommented:
Only one more thing to take care of when configuring polycom phones: when you have set settings via the webpage these settings take precedence over the settings on the configuration server. at least this is true for 330,450,650,670. so in case you wonder why the polycom has different settings then those found in the config files thats the reason. disable webpage settings or only use them for checking the configuration.
There are multiple ways to configure these SoundPoint IP phones. One method is via FTP. On startup, the phone will attempt to contact the preconfigured FTP server, look for associated files (named based on the MAC address of the phone), and proceed to load it's operating environment and programming from these files. You will want to get the MAC address from the old phone, find the configuration files on the Asterisk server, rename the MAC address part of the file names that pertained to the old phone to now match the MAC address of the new phone. I'm assuming this spare phone was already configured for the network and Asterisk server for this to work. If not, at boot up-there will be a prompt on the phone to enter a setup mode. The default password for this setup mode is "456". This is where you would configure it for it's IP configuration as well as where to get it's OS and configuration files from. This can happen via FTP, HTTP, etc, etc. Regardless of connection method-it select the files needed based on the MAC address of the phone.
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