Cisco ACE unequal loadbalacing


As i am using the Cisco ACE Loadbalancer.
By default it uses the round-robin algorithm to equally loadbalance the traffic.

If i want that, Lets suppose i have three rservers in a server-farm and i want that one server should handle the less number of connection as compared to other two servers.

Let me brief more. I want that two servers handle the equal load while the third server handle the less load as compared to other two servers.

two server if each handling 40% each and the third server will handle only 20%

Please suggest what exactly is required to configure the server-farm or somewhere else in the configuration.
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You configure weight in serverfarm->rserver.


Configuring a Real Server Weight

You can configure the connection capacity of a real server of type host or redirect in relation to the other servers in a server farm by using the weight command in real server host configuration mode. The ACE uses the weight value that you specify for a server in the weighted round-robin and least-connections load-balancing predictors. Servers with a higher configured weight value have a higher priority with respect to connections than servers with a lower weight. For example, a server with a weight of 5 would receive five connections for every one connection for a server with a weight of 1.

Note For the least-connections predictor, server weights take effect only when there are open connections to the real servers. When there are no sustained connections to any of the real servers, the least-connections predictor behaves like the round-robin predictor.

To specify different weight values for a real server of type host in a server farm, you can assign multiple IP addresses to the server. You can also use the same IP address of a real server with different port numbers.

The syntax of this command is as follows:

weight number

The number argument is the weight value assigned to a real server in a server farm. Enter an integer from 1 to 100. The default is 8.

For example, enter:

host1/Admin(config-rserver-host)# weight 50

To reset the configured weight of a real server to the default value of 8, enter:

host1/Admin(config-rserver-host)# no weight

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