No New Data - EdgeSight Server

Everthing has been working great on my EdgeSight 5.4 server that monitors my XenApp 5 farm. All of the sudden over the past few day I am not getting any data from my XenApp servers. All of my real-time monitoring is working but I am not getting any historical data. I have attached a screenshot that shows the drop off.

EdgeSight screenshot
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Have you applied the latest fixes for ES 5.4:

For x64:

For x86:
Check the SQL Server which holds the Edgesight database has not run out of disk space.  Or if you are using SQL Express for the Edgesight database, check it has not reached its maxiumum size.  

I've had a similar situation where I had to reduce the number of days data kept because I was using SQL Express for the database - this is in Configure > Data Maintenance > Grooming (at least it is on Edgesight 5.3)

Any error on the EdgeSight Logs? or maybe on the Database Server?

Can you still pull reports for the old data?
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There is not enough information to guess what your issue is. Edgesight can become a monster, dependnig on the retention settings and the number of agents deployed. The upload of data can fail in a number of ways.
1: The work configuration sent to the endpoints is corrupted (least likely).
2: The web server used to upload the data to the SQL server is broken. There is an application pool in IIS for Edgesight. This needs to be running properly. Make sure the password did not change for the service it runs under.
3: There are scripts that run in the web server that are not a part of IIS. Make sure you did not try to install edgesight for Netscaler or edgesight for anything else on the same server. The scripts could conflict. It is safe to uninstall and reinstall edgesight on the web server. Make sure to read all the install options. It will not delete yuor database if you treat it like an upgrade using the same version.
4: Look in your IIS logs for any errors indicating the connection from the agents are uploading. Look in your edgesight status page and also edgesight script logs for errors.
5: Verify the port used for uploading is available to the clients. Example. if yuo are using https for uploads, but it is blocked by a firewall change, then uploads will fail. If you have http open, then yuo may still be able to access the edgesight web page.
6: Look in one of the client worker logs. Default is the c:\documents and settings\all users\Application Data\Citrix\System Monitoring\Data. The logs there may indicate errors uploading.
7: If your nightly database maintenance fails, you may need to have a database expert examine this. I have had to manually repair a 600GB edgesight Database. I can't begin to explain that here, but the most common thing may be that there is a timeout set for a job to comlpete and the job may be left incomlpete, because the edgesight database grew so large that it takes more tmie than allowed. If this occurs, the database may be left in a continually growing state. It will fail the jobs and try to roll back. This will cause the database to stop processing new data until the job either completes or rolls back. If this interferes with the window of time you have set for the data uploads, then they will never succeed.
There is more, but that is a start for troubleshooting.
rodericklmAuthor Commented:
I figured it out. It actually is licensing. Even though we own platnium licensing our XenApp server editions were set to enterprise, so after 14 days it stopped working. Thanks for all of your input.

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rodericklmAuthor Commented:
This fixed my issue. I figured it out on my own.
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