css problem


i'm trying to make a html website, but i get this error please look at the image

and i have upload the file too

Thank you
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Here are the two main changes I made:

 index.php code update
 Menu.inc.php code
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
You get a squiggly line above your menu?  Or are you talking about the whitespace?  Or that it extends beyond the edges of the form?

In the first case, that's on you.  In the second case, it could be the background for the menu has that whitespace included in it.  Or it could be there's a margin or padding set wrong somewhere.  In the last case, try setting the width to 100% (or however wide the form itself is).
kensy11Author Commented:
yes im talking about the whitespace ,

not the the image doesn't have a white space , and the margins is set to  0

but i can fix this if i give the


margin-top: -13px;

but why should i give -13px , why can i just give 0 margin
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From what trouble-shooting I could perform, it seems like the CSS attributes aren't getting applied to the included php code.

I did a few things.  The first I did was change the include to a php file.  So it is now Menu.inc.php.  And I also deleted everything except the menu.  And I moved the DIV tags to the main page.
By doing so, it is now applying the css attribute to it and removes the white lite.

It was a quick touchup and some cleanup on the code to make it a little easier to understand, but hopefully you can see what I did to accomplish the resolution.

I also combined the css sheets so you didn't have two <body> css tags which may cause problems if you have the same tags in both style sheets.

Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
"but i can fix this if i give the ul#Menu margin-top: -13px;"
Then I'd look at the preceding element to see if it has a bottom margin that might push the menu down.
kensy11Author Commented:
ooh thank you AverittegDate so the css doest apply to a file when its in  a php script like this

and my seconde question why is there more space in the top section of the  menu bar, when you look closelly you can see that there is more space in the top section of the menu bar text then the bottom , why is this ?

in order to include anything with php, you have to makes sure to use the include() function or else php will give you an error.

I'm also not sure why the menu isn't centering up properly.  I will look into it.
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