Joining a Domain Using a VM

I have a VM (Vmware) that is an AD controller on a specific domain.  I will call the domain testco.  I would like to join some more servers and PCs to this testco domain controller.  I'm sure this will work just fine.

Now I would like to take these servers and PCs that are now members of the testco domain and physically connect them into a LAN network at a different location (and leave the VM behind) that has an AD, DC and is in the domain called testco.

Server OS for the domain is Server 2003.

Will this actually work, or is there some trust relationships that would not exist?
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
1.  You didn't seize FSMO roles at any time, AND
2.  The DC hasn't been off the network more than 60 days (by default).  After 60 days, AD considers it dead and will no longer talk to it (by default).  
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
When you create a domain it gets a randomly assigned unique GUID (Globally Unique ID).  If the VM DC wasn't created as part of the physical domain if won't work and you'll have various errors around duplicate names.  And there is no way to "join" Domains that have the same name.
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Unless the VM is on the *exact same* domain as the domains in the place you want to move the computers to it won't work. You would have to join the VM to the domain at the other location, promote it as a DC, add the computers in the location that has the VM in it and then move them to the other location for it to work.
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TriCoreITAuthor Commented:
The VM was created from the actual AD that is at the physical location of testco.  This means I should be able to move the serer and PCs to the site and be ok, right?
Was the virtual DC replicating with the rest of the Testco DCs?  If the virtual DC was isolated, and the servers and PCs were added to that isolated DC, then you are going to have all sorts of problems when you try to attach those servers/PCs to the production LAN.  If the virtual DC was replicating with other DCs in the Testco domain, then you shouldn't have any problems plugging them into a network at a different location.
TriCoreITAuthor Commented:
This VM did work as is was isolated and the only AD.
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