How to migrating from Samba to Active Directory without losing end users local profile?

We're looking at migrating from Samba to active directory and are concerned about the local profiles on the end users PCs being recreated. Is there a way of doing this so its transparent to the end users.

Our current workstations are windows XP, but are planning on replacing them with new Windows 7. We are hoping to not have to plan the data migration at the same time as the PC migrations.
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Daniel McAllisterPresident, IT4SOHO, LLCCommented:
Lookup the Windows NT to Windows 2000 server upgrade path documentation on -- that is essentially what you're doing.

My understanding is that you start by joining the AD server to the NT (Samba 3.x) domain, then you do some special tweaks to make the AD server "take over" -- as long as you keep the profile location the same, there should be no issues -- the "tricky parts" are keeping the SID and UID information the same (it's embedded in the NTUSER.DAT part of the profile).

I know its not an easy process... make lots of backups! Good luck!

Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
As far as I know, the only way is to let the new profiles be created (the old ones will not be deleted, a domain will be appended to the new profile) and then you copy the old profile over the new. You should experiment with this, but that is how we've migrated people from domain to domain and even samba to M$.
ThomasL_MTLAuthor Commented:
Just reviewed it with our group and I think we'll have to do it manually during the next evergreening. More headaches, less risk.
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