__unsafe_unretained in ARC

Hi experts,

I'm using ARC for the first time and I have a problem with delegates.

I have a ConnectionObject that inherits from NSObject, it has a NSURLConnection and downloads some data. I have a protocol ConnectionObjectDelegate with several delegate methods that need to be called when the connection finished downloading.
 It also has an NSMutableSet containing delegates that need to be called when the connection finishes. The objects I add to this set as delegates may become nil while the data is downloading, so they have to be removed/become nil in the set (or before trying to call the delegate method) as well.

My object has a method for adding a delegate, in the past this would have been:

But now I'm not sure, how do I make sure that the object I pass as a parameter is weak?

Thanks in advance.
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pgnatyukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The delegate was always "assign". So we ARC it should be:
@property (weak) id <MyDelegate> delegate;
I think so.
An interesting post about ARC

SnapplesAuthor Commented:
Yes, I get that, and that is the perfect solution for iOS5, but my app supports iOS4 and above, where weak isn't available.
I still use assign for the delegates and do not support ARC in my apps.
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