Windows server 2008 slow internet (DNS issue?)

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We just replaced our DC with a new box running W2k8 R2 and now the client machines connect to the internet extremely the point where requests occasionally time out or pages half load, etc.

The server (x.x.115.2) is configured as the DHCP, DNS, and WINS.  The server's gateway is set to 115.1 (the ISP router).

Client machines have a 115.x address, 115.1 as the gateway, and 115.2 as the DNS and WINS.

Internal Hostnames and NetBios resolve quickly.

However when we make a request to the outside it's super slow but eventually works as I said.

I feel like I am missing something in Server's DNS settings but I don't know what, shouldn't there be a forward to the gateway or to the ISP DNS?
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In DNS Manager on the server, the Forwarders in the properties tab should point to external DNS resolvers: Your ISP's public DNS servers, or perhaps other public servers like Google DNS on and  

In the server's network card properties, its DNS server should be itself if it's the only domain controller; or another domain controller on your network.  Don't point the network card to an outside DNS source.


Yup, I just arrived here after a few mins of research myself, this confirms it!

Thank you!

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