item renderer between two columns

hi guys

I have a datagrid with 2 columns

the first column contains combobox, the second column contains textbox

On my second column(textbox) i have a itemrenderer defined

private function createColumn(columnIndex:int,fieldObject:Object):AdvancedDataGridColumn{
var column:AdvancedDataGridColumn = new AdvancedDataGridColumn();
if(column.dataField == 'col2'){ //textbox column                   
column.itemRenderer  = new ClassFactory(IconItemRenderer);  

if(column.dataField == 'col1'){ //combobox column                   
My requirment is if the combobox is clicked, i want to invoke the IconItemRenderer.

Any idea how i can do that?

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royjaydAuthor Commented:
public class IconItemRenderer extends HBox implements IDropInListItemRenderer {   

		private var hBox:HBox;	 
		private var comments:Label;
		protected var _listData:DataGridListData;
		public function get listData():BaseListData
			return _listData;
		public function set listData(value:BaseListData):void
			_listData = DataGridListData(value);
		public function IconItemRenderer ()
		override protected function createChildren():void{
			hBox= new HBox();		
			hBox.visible = true;			
			comments = new Label();
protected override function updateDisplayList(unscaledWidth:Number, unscaledHeight:Number):void{
override public function set data ( value : Object ) : void { = value;
if ( value ) {
comments.text   = value["col2"] as String;	
if(comments.text != null){
setStyle("borderColor", 0xFF3300);

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zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
>> My requirment is if the combobox is clicked, i want to invoke the IconItemRenderer.
What do you mean with "invoke" it? A renderer set on a column just renders the data in that column. Always.
Maybe you mean: if the combobox is clicked, i want my IconItemRenderer to render the data in another way.
That's possible by using an attribute (eg. a Boolean flag) that you set when the combo box is clicked.
And if that attribute is set, your renderer renders the data in another way compared with when it is not set.

"if the combo is clicked" that means on whatever row of you datagrid the combo box is clicked.
Because "the combo box" is used to render that first column for all rows

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Why are you creating column renderer when user clicked on the row?
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Thanx 4 axxpeting, royjyad.
I have a question, though: Why are you giving points to dgofman who's just asking you a question?
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