OK to install DSL filters before DSL activation?

Looking into getting DSL from Verizon. Nowadays they ship a self-installation kit with the combination router/modem, filters, and phone splitters.

They say not to connect the modem until the day service starts. However, I know that once the service starts the DSL signal creates noise on the phone line, which the DLS filters eliminate for the phones.

My question: Is it ok to install the DSL filters onto the phones before the DSL service starts? I figure it'd be ok, since they filter out a signal that's not being used by the analog phone service anyway, but I'm not certain.

Anyone ever use a DSL filter on a phone line that didn't have DSL service? Did it affect the phone service at all?
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As you've deduced, the filters are there to remove the DSL-related "noise".  If there's no DSL service, the presence of the filters will not do any harm.
The purpose of hte DSL filter is to actually isolate or filter out the frequency of the DSL signal on the analong (phone) side of hte connection, so that your analog devices do not interfere with the DSL service, as such attaching the filter prior to DSL service starting is fine and has no adverse effect on either the analog (phone) or digital (DSL) services.
marsiliesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers. I was hoping to test this out to confirm before awarding points, but the installation has been delayed. I'm sure it'll work out as described though.
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