Printing Large Document size in Excel

How can I create a document in Microsoft Excel 2003 with a page size of A2 which is 16.5 by 23 inches roughly.

Is that possible?
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mateomateoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the answer.  The paper size options are set by your windows Default Printer.  Use a pdf Printer like doPDF to give you a lot of options
excel 2010 is ok
i think excel 2003 is ok
you can try from file menu ,page setting or print
mateomateoAuthor Commented:
Size A2 is not an option in the menu.  Is there a way through VBA to create a custom page size for sizes not available in the drop down menu?
mateomateoAuthor Commented:
Because I answered my question completely, and posted the entire solution.  The other answer was not satisfactory
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