Difficulty re-installing Office 2010 on a domain

I have a Windows 7 64 bit client on a SBS 2003 domain.  About one week ago I began to have problems with Outlook 2010 and after several hours of trying to fix it decided to reinstall office 2010 Professional.  I apparently uninstalled successfully, but when I tried to reinstall I got a "Error 1402 setup cannot open the registry key"  I contacted Microsoft support which took control of my computer and ran scripts to completely uninstall office.  (Some residual signs of office remained however) They attempted to reinstall office themselves but got the same error.  They attributed the error to the machine having been on a domain, and had me remove the machine from the domain, create a new profile, and reinstall office.  However I got the exact same error.  At that point MS support said they were consumer tech support and not trained to handle a machine that had been on a domain.

 When I tried to open the keys reported in the error 1402, I had to take ownership in order to give myself permission.  There were dozens of such instances.  I tried converting them all and some subsequent directories that showed up as access denied errors, all requiring me to take ownership, and eventually got installer to run through and report success.  However, when I tried to open any office application, I got a message that the computer was not configured to run the application.
I subsequently used restore point to go back to the state where I was receiving the error 1402.  Unfortunately the computer does not display restore points going back earlier than the problems, I think because it ran out of room on the disk.

Is there anything I can do, or do I have to reinstall the operating system and start over?  It would be painful.
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" I think because it ran out of room on the disk."

Have you cleared out at least 10-15% free space?

Uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 suites with Microsoft Fix it

I would make sure there are no remnants left over....

Then you can reset the registry.....

Reset the entire registry permissions to defaults
NinEliAbeAuthor Commented:

Many thanks John for your prompt response. It is a huge relief there may be a fix.   I had about 10% free, and removed more so now have 25% free.

I ended up having to do the manual uninstall described here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301#Method4 as Fixit kept getting an access denied error.  I am ready to go ahead and reset permissions, but I have noticed each time I reboot I get a notice that "Either there is no defaul mail client of the current mail client cannot fulfull the messgaing request.  Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client."  I had seperately installed Outlook 2010 before I installed Office 2010 Professional, and both installations showed up in "add or remove programs" before the MS Support people ran their removal scripts.   Now neither does, but it appears there is some remnent of Outlook left even after my Office removal.   I saw an Outlook key under  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ when I was removing Outlook, but left it there because I didn't want to remove a key without knowing what I was doing.
Any advice?  Is there any more Outlook removal I should do before proceeding, or should I just go ahead and reset the registry permissions?  Also, does it matter whether I am logged in from a domain administrator account (as opposed to a local account)  when I reset the permissions?

Many thanks,


NinEliAbeAuthor Commented:
I wend ahead and ran the procedure to reset the registry permissions.  As I saw the running totals in the CMD screen, it looked like about 1/3 of the modifications failed, apparently most if not all due to access denied.
I am waiting on trying to reinstall Office (and get rid of the remnants of the separate Outlook 2010 installation) till I hear back from you.

NinEliAbeAuthor Commented:
In the end, I called MS Support, and paid $259 for professional support.  It was unclear to them why my permissions had be altered and lost, but they walked be through restoring them, and now things are working again.

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NinEliAbeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  I wish someone had guided me through fixing the permissions after the first suggestion didn't solve it.
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