changing node backup pools after backups

Hi All,

Can I change the destination pool of the node which was backed up in one storage pool (tape pool) after the full backups and incremental backups. I am asking this, as I have taken a backup of cifs shares (approx 10TB) using ba client on windows host. That host was in mgmt class whose destination pool was tape pool. Now I want to change the destination backup of that node to disk pool, so If I do that whether it will take the full backup again or it will just do incremental on its next backup run. This I want to do as the backup which runs direct to tape takes 10 hours which keep engaging the tape drive for 10 hours, even though it will only do backup of 3-4 gb. So, if I add this node to mgmt class which is having destination as disk pool, so whether I will do incremental or full backup?

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you can safely change the destination pool (it is called COPYGROUP) and TSM will go on  considering incremental the next backups.

UPDate COpygroup domain_name policy_set_name class_name STANDARD type=backup DESTination=pool_name

where pool_name is ths name of your disk storage pool (e.g. Diskpool or Backuppool or whatever you named it).

Please note that all the tsm nodes belonging to that mgmt class will backup to disk, so if you need to have some nodes backupping directly on tape you'll have to create another mgmt class.

Either way the backup will be incremental, because TSM server knows which files belong to which node.

Hope this helps
virgo0880Author Commented:
Here, you are talking about changing the destination for copygroup. I dont want to change the destination of copygroup. I want to change the node from one mgmt class to another mgmt class i.e. the class from which the backup is going to tape to class in which the backup is going to disk pool. So, if I change that node's management class, whether it will do the incremental in its next run or it will take the full backup again? I hope you understood the question ?
copygroup belongs to mgmt class. By changing that you are modifying mgmt class. Either way it will go incremental
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virgo0880Author Commented:
l am still not clear what you want to say. let me explain it more clearly :

Current setup :

I have node winbackups which was created 1 month back with policy_domain_name as STNT which have the copygroup whose "copy destination" is set to primary tape pool, which means if any node is added to this policy domain their backups will go directly to the tape instead of disk. This node is running backup everyday. At first run, it backed up 7-8TB of data and after that it is doing incrementals. Actually this node is doing a backup of cifs shares from NetApp which is running fine.

Now my question : What I want to do this :

I want to change the policy_domain_name of this node to "xyz" in which the destination of copy_group is set to disk. So, if I modify that node (winbackups1) so that its policy_domain_name will be xyz, whether it will take the whole backup again i.e. 7-8 TB or the TSM will think as this node already have the filespaces in it and it will proceed with the normal daily incrementals. I hope you understood now.

I want to do this because, my cifs shares has millions of files, so when daily incremental is running, it has the process all that files which takes ~10 hours to complete the backup  for that node so for that period of time, my one tape drive is busy which I dont want. So, If i can change the policy_domian_name of the node, if it will not affect the node anyway, I can free up one drive and the next incrementals will be going to disk considering it knows that this is the same node which has been already backed up.

yes it should go incremental but you can as well just change the copygroup to a diskpool without creating a new domain and using the same domain. In that case you just have to check that the nextstgpool of your diskpool goes to a tapepool.
yes it should go incremental but you can as well just change the copygroup to a diskpool without creating a new domain and using the same domain. In that case you just have to check that the nextstgpool of your diskpool goes to a tapepool.

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virgo0880Author Commented:
No, I am not creating any new domain here. I want to use old domains. Also, I dont want to change the copygroups as I have other nodes which are getting backed up using that old domains/copygroups. So, thats why I am asking whether changing the node's policy_domain will do the trick as I dont want to disturb my current domain/copygroup settings. So, it will still do incremental...right ?
yes it will go incremental
virgo0880Author Commented:
ok, thanks for that..I will do the same and see how it goes.
virgo0880Author Commented:
I changed the policy_domain of the node and it did not affected the backups taken by the node in old policy_domain. It performed normal incremental backup. Thanks for the suggestions max_the_king

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