Rails 3.0 Routing

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What is the Rails 3 Equivalent of this Rails 2 Route.

                  :joins => "INNER JOIN media on media_rep.id = media.media_rep_id"
                  :conditions => ["user_id = #{user_id} "],
                  :order => 'created_at DESC'

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Whoops, that isn't a route.

You can use the above code in Rails 3.  The :order => 'created_at DESC' does nothing to affect the count, however, so you can remove it.


whoops .. what was i thinking .. i didnt mean to call it routes? but how do i rewrite this activerecord query ?

cause the one above gives me an error..
I could do something like  

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This would give me the whole resultset.. but i just need the count.
You are so close.  If you just need the number of records matching the query you can just call "count" at the end of your query chain.  Like this:


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