Hosted smokeping service?

Does anybody know a hosted smokeping service that I can use to keep track of the ping, latency and jitter of some of my clients?

I love the smokeping service offered by, however you can only smokeping an IP for a maximum of 14 days. Then it expires. That's fine, but usually I end up getting called in *after* the internet starts acting flaky. I need a service that runs 24/7 all the time so I can look back at the records when the time comes that I need to diagnose internet issues.

I'm happy to pay some small monthly fee for the service.

Any ideas?
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What timing, I just got hold of the guy that does all of our contract renewal, and it is more expensive than I thought.  It's about $6K a year.  Which for your need is more than what you need.

However, one thing you could do for at least one year is Amazon's E2C service.  Three is a free tier for 1 year, you get 750 hours per month for the 12 months.  That is enough hours to keep your image up for 24 hours a day for a year.

After the 1st free year, you pay.
Not sure how much it cost and it does more that just a smokeping service:

We use it at where I work.
Frosty555Author Commented:
Its a little bit over the top for what I need, and this is one of HP's enterprise class products. The price isn't there because it's one of these "if you have to ask..." type products.

I'm really looking for pretty much exactly what smokeping does, just on a server with a real internet connection as opposed to my office's relatively low end consumer internet connection.

I'm considering now just setting up smokeping server myself on a cheap virtual dedicated server... hard to believe this doesn't exist in the open source community yet.
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You may be getting confused.  There is a product, which we don't have and could not afford either and then there is a service.

Actually I don't think it is that expensive.  The company that I work for would not spend a lot of money on something like this.  I will check tomorrow and get what we pay.  For some reason I want to think it is less than $1,000 per year.

Frosty555Author Commented:
I gave them a call, their sales will call me back.

I still think it might be more expensive and probably more feature-filled than what I need but if it is a hosted service HP offers that monitors networks.... then it's basically what I'm looking for and that's what is important as far as this question goes :)
Frosty555Author Commented:
Okay, I'm thinking a small VPS is the way to go. Amazon's service is intriguing, but if not that I can probably go with any low cost VPS with a good internet connection. Checking out some of the offers on these sites:
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