How to take the VMWare image of the Exchange server and add to VMware server

As testing, I have installed VMware ESX4.0 and installed vSphere Client on another mahine. Now I need to add my Exchange server to VMware .. how..?
psanjoySystem AdministratorAsked:
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psanjoySystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I installed VMware vCenter Converter 5.0 and could take the image to Data store successfully. Thanks for your comment
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:

use VM converter and apply source image as vmware image and destination to ESX server

also use full

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You indicated that you're doing a test, involving an unspecified version of Exchange on VMware. You also want to grab a copy of your existing Exchange. Previous posters have indicated that Converter is the way to go, and I agree, but I also want to caution you about your test environment.

First, you didn't indicate whether or not the Exchange host is a domain controller. Assuming it is NOT, you'll have issues firing up the VM if there's no domain controller for it to contact. Alternatively, you'll have problems with it (and your production Exchange server) if you fire it up on the same network, due to name collisions (at the least). Cloning a domain controller is verboten if your plan is to add an additional DC to a given domain; it's also a bad idea to do it for a test environment that is isolated: most production environments have 2 or more DCs, so cloning just one will result in re-work to get it to behave with it's partner(s) suddenly missing.

Essentially, I'm recommending that you test Exchange on VMware by creating a completely independent Windows domain--don't join it to the forest for the production domain, either--and then set up Exchange as a clean install.

You risk doing some real damage to your production Exchange and Domain if you start cloning willy-nilly.
psanjoySystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
As i mentioned before, I had installed VMware vCenter Converter 5.0 and could take the image to Data store successfully. Thanks for your comment
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