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I must implement pay pal functionality with WCF service. I was never working with pay pal. Functionality I must provide is paying through pay pal. Does someone know where to start with this, where to get basic information about pay pal in .NET programs? I guess they have some dll which I can use? Perhaps some manuals? If some of you had already working on this issue I would be really glad for any advice on how to start.

Greetings, Frenky
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Just Check for the same in the given link,

if your not willing to store customers credit card info's and let the paypal manage that information then you may need to use Paypal's Website Payments Pro for this.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
First, you need to go to Paypal, get an account and take a look at their developer pages.  They have everything you need there.  The problem is usually figuring out their complicated way of doing things.  I think they make it difficult so it is difficult to crack.
AntonioRodrigoAuthor Commented:
I've figured it out with a help of Pay Pal support - Adaptive Payments and Preapprovals is the key to get wanted functionality.
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