Getting an internal server error after editing Perl script

: I had someone edit code on a perl script for a web program I have. When he gave me the admin.cgi file I replaced the old one with the one he gave me and tried it but I got an internal server error. Can someone help me with finding out why it is failing? The guy is gone for the weekend and I want to try to get it running. He says everything is fine on his side. He even sent me a screenshot.
He is in India so I was thinking maybe it is some kind of ISO issue with the file or maybe a server unix/windows incompatibility?

What do you think?
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can you paste some of the code(or all of it) to debug maybe?
having in mind that its an admin.cgi  some parts should stay hidden in my opinion.
do you know what your programmer changed?
maybe paste that part only.
please feedback
what web server are you using?  Is it unix or windows?  If unix, is the permissions on the script right?

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Was the script edited on Windows and uploaded to a Unix/Linux server/

If so, it will most likely have Windows EOL characters.  
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DantechITAuthor Commented:
He said I might need to use dos2unix but it didn't work.
DantechITAuthor Commented:
Not sure what server it is, it's a hosted account. I'll find out.
DantechITAuthor Commented:
Permissions issue

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