Exchange 2010 Outlook disconnection isse

Manoj Bojewar
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Hello All,

i have exchange 2010 with 2 cas, 2 hub and 2 mailbox servers with 500 users mailboxes. i am having outlook disconnection issue all the time since after moved to exhcange 2010 platform.

i am suspecting this could be because of hardware Loadbalancer or RPC encryption setting on server end. if anyone having any clue how to fix this.. i would really appricate it.

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It seams like connectivity issue Or DNS issue


go to user computer (client computer) - - run - cmd - ipconfig /all verify DNS entry it is local DNS not a public DNS

Also verify name resolution of domain by using ping cmd ex ping -a domainname


Dear Sir,

thanks for your response. but i done all these basic troubleshooting.

this problem are  only with outlook 2007 and entourage clients. coming to outllook2010, its working fine. i went through couple of internet articles so many exchange 2010 customer are facing this issue.
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this issue has been resolved after changing cisco firewall settings. thanks all for your help


thanks all for your help



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