Adobe Livecycle 8 form won't save in Windows 7

I have created a form using Adobe Livecycle 8 which works fine on our XP PC's and Macs using Snow Leopard etc.  I have just bought 2 new Windows 7 pcs and the forms will not save.

When we open the forms using Adobe reader to make amendments and then save, a message comes up that the form cannot be saved to the computer.  To keep a copy please print the form.

We don't have Adobe Acrobat installed on either of these computers and use only Adobe reader.  Is there a way of doing this?
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Chetan KhuranaConnect With a Mentor Technical ManagerCommented:
Hi Mevsim,

Refer the links '' for Lifecycle and adobe reader and this - for adobe settings which may need to be done.

And you cannot simply use the reader to save the form fields, refer Sorry!


MevsimAuthor Commented:
Ahh so this means that the form can only be viewed using Adobe Reader and can't be changed unless a version of Acrobat is installed?
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