How to convert a Text File into a byte array in C++

Any one knows how to convert a given text file (unknown size) into a byte array in C++. Please do not answer this in C or C# or Java. I want this in C++.

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you would retrieve the size of the text file using stat function:

#include "sys/stat.h"
std::string filename = "full_path_of_file";
struct stat status;
if (stat(filename.c_str(), &status) != 0)
    // error

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then open the file with

std::ifstream file(filename.c_str());

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allocate byte array by

std::vector<unsigned char> bytearray(status.st_size);

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read the file with

if (!*)&bytearray[0],  bytearray.size())
       // error

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close the file. the bytearray could be accessed via the vector or as unsigned char * by &bytearray[0]-

You can do that like
#include <sys/stat.h>

#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

typedef unsigned char BYTE;


const char* pFile = "test.txt";

struct stat buf;


BYTE* pAdd = new BYTE[buf.st_size];

ifstream is(pFile);*)pArr,buf.st_size);

// access each byte via pArr[i];

delete [] pArr; // clean up

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If you are on Windows, use '_stat(pFile,&buf);' instead.

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prainAuthor Commented:
Hello jkr,
you meant pAdd and not pArr right? I do not see pAdd is being used anywhere after it is defined.

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Actually, it should be
BYTE* pArr = new BYTE[buf.st_size];

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Sorry about that.
prainAuthor Commented:
More points.
prainAuthor Commented:
Ok, with all due respect to sarabande's answer, I accept jrk's because it fits our coding style well.

I have increased the points to 200 and given the increased amount to sarabande, while jrk get full points I promised first.

Thanks guys again.
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