citrix xenapp server 6 assign specific user to a server in a farm


We have 3 servers in one citrix farm. How do I create a policy to assign specific users to a specific server in a farm when the users logon?
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You could have three sets of published applications, with each having different servers and users specified?
create and assign Load Evaluators
aamirahmadAuthor Commented:
we currently have a published desktop. how do you create and assign load eveluators? through citrix delivery console?
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You go to the Delivery Console and click on Load Evaluators, right click new. It also depends on what you want to load balance. You assign load evaluators to resources like CPU, memory, disk I/O number of users logged on.

Hope this helps,
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
I can't see how a load evaluator would assign a specific user with a specific server.  In a load evaluator you would determine max. how many users for example can log on the server. It might be something new to me though and would be interested in learning how.

However you can easily assign a user to a server through publishing of the app. Say you have 10 users. You want 9 of the users to use app x and y from server 1 and 2. And you want the left over user to use app x and y from server 3. In this case you do the following:
1. You put the 9 users in a an AD security group
2. You create a new publish for app x where you point to app x exe file path, add servers 1 and 2 then add AD security group for the users.
3. Repeat this for app y.
4. You create a new publish for app x where you point to app x exe file path, add server 3  then add the only user you want to associate with the server.
5. Repeat step 4 for app y.

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@Mutawadi you can very simply use the IP adress of that user (or range), make a dhcp reservation and it will always work fine. (we use this for years to test a specific server)
There are several ways to configure a published app/desktop to specific users.  As mentioned above, you can publish it three times to different groups with slightly different names, you can use a Load Balancing Policy (XA6 and above) to direct users to specific servers, you can specify by source IP with a few different mechanics etc.

The real question becomes why would you want to do this?  The whole point of a well designed XA infrastructure is that the individual server you are on simply does not matter to the end user.  They (in theory) should all look & feel the same.  With a distributed environment, they can in theory travel to any location and get the same basic look & feel.  By limiting them to 1 server, you are removing any HA for them and creating single points of failure where there doesn't need to be any.  

Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
@Warddhooghe. Now I see what you mean - you are actually associating the machine on which the user is logging on by using the IP address, not the user account itself.

This scenario would be valid in normal work circumstances. It wouldn't be valid in cases where a user is rotated with other coworkers on different machines or in cases for example a user goes to a disaster recovery site where a specific seat is not associated for that user only.
Then you will definitely want to use a Load Balancing Policy.  You can direct a user or group of users to specific servers.

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