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I have an array of data that is created from data returned from a sql stored proc that I want to display to a web browser as xml data.  I can get it to work if I only have 1 record in the array but when i have multiple records and loop through to build my array, I get an error message "Only one top level element is allowed in an XML document. "  Can't figure out where I went wrong.  Please help if you can.  Below is the code for the xml creation.

     Dim doc As New XmlDocument()

     ' XML declaration
     Dim declaration As XmlNode = doc.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.XmlDeclaration, Nothing, Nothing) doc.AppendChild(declaration)

         ' Root element
     Dim root As XmlElement = doc.CreateElement("drawSearchResults")doc.AppendChild(root)
     ' read results from sql server stored proc
     While myDataReader.Read
          ' Sub-element
          Dim drawNodeNum As XmlElement = doc.CreateElement("draw" & intCounter)            root.AppendChild(drawNodeNum)

          /*build and sort the array code*/

          ' Attribute: N1
          Dim Nmbr01 As XmlAttribute = doc.CreateAttribute("N1")
          Nmbr01.Value = arrNumbers(1)

          ' Attribute: N2
          Dim Nmbr02 As XmlAttribute = doc.CreateAttribute("N2")
          Nmbr02.Value = arrNumbers(2)
          ' Attribute: N3
          Dim Nmbr03 As XmlAttribute = doc.CreateAttribute("N3")
          Nmbr03.Value = arrNumbers(3)
          /*more attribute creation code*/
          intCounter += intCounter
     End While
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Try this:

Dim xmlDoc  As XmlDocument = new XmlDocument()

// Write down the XML declaration
Dim xmlDeclaration  as XmlDeclaration = xmlDoc.CreateXmlDeclaration("1.0","utf-8",nothing)

// Create the root element
Dim rootNode   as XmlElement = xmlDoc.CreateElement("drawSearchResults")
xmlDoc.InsertBefore(xmlDeclaration, xmlDoc.DocumentElement)

' read results from sql server stored proc
While myDataReader.Read

   // Create a new <Category> element and add it to the root node
   Dim drawNodeNum as XmlElement = xmlDoc.CreateElement("draw" & intCounter)

   /*build and sort the array code*/

  // Set attribute name and value!
  drawNodeNum .SetAttribute("ID", "01")


End While


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Note that I also moved the xmlDoc.Save outside the While.
XML is a text so you can build XML nodes just by using strings. It is not a best choice but can be useful.
Like (sorry for mix c# and vb.Net, hope you will catch the idea):
string rootXML = "<drawSearchResults>~rows</drawSearchResults>";
string drawTemplate = "<draw~in><N1>~n1</N1><N2>~n2</N2><N3>~n3</N3></draw~in>";
StringBuilder rows = new StringBuilder();
string tempRow = "";
int intCounter = 0; // or any other value you need
while (myDataReader.Read)
          // Sub-element
          tempRow = drawTemplate.Replace("~in", intCounter);

          /*build and sort the array code*/

         //Attribute: N1
         tempRow = tempRow.Replace("~n1", arrNumbers(1));

         //Attribute: N2
         tempRow = tempRow.Replace("~n2", arrNumbers(2));

         //Attribute: N3
         tempRow = tempRow.Replace("~n3", arrNumbers(3));
          /*more attribute creation code*/
          // intCounter += intCounter ???
rootXML.Replace("~rows", rows.ToString());

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

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Here you check (for instance) doc.HasChildNodes
and then just work with doc.OuterXML
Other options that you have are to get the data as XML already from (assuming) SQL Server.

Alternatively, I often find that using the XmlTextWriter reads easier than using an XmlDocument.
 XmlTextWriter w = new XmlTextWriter(Console.Out);
 w.Formatting = Formatting.Indented;

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lotterygirlAuthor Commented:
As suggested all I needed to do was move the             doc.Save(Response.Output) outside the while statement.

Surprising how such an easy thing can really trip you up.
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