Purchasing new SAN Cert for Exchange 2010 server during coexistence

All my users are on a single Exchange server and use Outlook,OWA and ActiveSync to connect.  There is a third party SSL certificate on this server that uses the name "mail.mycompany.com".

I've just installed Exchange 2010 on a new server that will coexist with the existing 2003 server for a few weeks while I get everyone moved over.  I'm just about to order a new SAN certificate, but was wondering about the name "mail.mycompany.com".  Since it is currently being used on the 2003 server, can I go ahead and order the new SAN certificate, which will include "mail.mycompany.com"(which will point to the new server after I change my NAT policy to point to the new server) without any ill effects on the current server?

Basically just wondering if I order this new cert, will it somehow invalidate the current certificate being used on the 2003 server because both certs will reference "mail.mycompany.com"....?

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If you are planning to use the same cert. vendor:
> you can reuse the same validity months\years and ask for a new SAN Certificate
They will give a 2-3 days of overlap period and then revoke the older single certificate.

So, you can ask for a new SAN Certificate including the mail.mycompany.com ....then install the same cert. on both the E2010 and E2k3 servers
(just E2k3 wont expect\respect the other SAN values...should stay with the issued-to value)

>> No need to add the nebios-name\machine-name of the E2k3 servers in the SAN values.
tenoverAuthor Commented:
Also- Since it looks like I need to install this new SAN cert on both the 2010 Exchange server AND also replace the the current certificate with this new one on the Exchange 2003 server, do I need to include the NETBIOS/machine name of the Exchange 2003 server on this new cert as well?  Currently ready to go with the follwoing:


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