Multiplication in VBscript

I want to build an VBscript application that can multiply two numbers. It will show the popup.
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Estridge06Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the attached code. Save as multiply.vbs and run it.

Option Explicit

Dim num1, num2, answer

'Set Variables
	num1 = InputBox ("Type the first number.")
	num2 = InputBox ("Type the second number.")
'Multiply the 2 numbers

	answer = num1 * num2
	MsgBox(num1 & " x " & num2 & " = " & answer)

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Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
Errr, netazim

This sounds a lot like an assignment to me and if please note you are requested to up front about it as we are not supposed to answer assignments ... rather lead you to an answer.

Bill PrewCommented:

netazimAuthor Commented:
nevermind, this is my past question for my final exams. i dont have time to do revision. TQ very much for your reprimand. i will cancel my premium subscription next month... tq very much
netazimAuthor Commented:
Or you can just delete this topic if you want :-)
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