Startcraft 2 build order and tips?

Does anyone play SC2? Me and some bud's are getting together to have a "LAN" party and play SC2. One of them has never played so I set him up with a guest pass. I played the campaign about a year ago and haven't played much since, never played much online.

What are some really good starting builds for Terran that will get us going and what is a good advanced all around build?

Any good easy strategies that will help us get going?

Please don't post links to game sites, they are blocked from the network I am on.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Basic Terran Build Strategy:

Start by making a SCV  at your Command Center. If you've ever played Westwood's Command & Conquer you'll understand the principle of harvesting resources to supply materials.

Remember not to queue up SCV's at your Command Center as you'll waste time waiting for them to get processed.  When areas are depleted of minerals and gas move them to another area rather than wait to build another.

Automate the SCV by setting a Rally Point.  Use your Command Center to setup a rally point to the mineral patch you want to exploit (the arrow button that says Rally Point) so that whenever a SCV is empty it automatically harvests from the Rally Point you chose. Once you have 9 SCV’s use one of them to build a Supply Depot.

Once the Supply Depot is complete build a Barracks with it and build a marine to protect the base in an event of rush attack or to act as a scout.

Block off the entrance to your base to prevent a rush attack, design your building so that the blockage (Choke Point) stops Zergs getting in easily.  In the event of attack concentrate on using your Marine and repairing damage to buildings and walls.

As soon as you have 11 SCV's start harvesting gas, you'll need a Refinery to do this. Remember you can only use a maximum of 3 SCV's to collect gas efficiently.

Also with this Starcraft 2 Terran build order, keep in mind that once you have 11 SCV’s start building a Refinery to harvest gas. As soon as the Refinery is complete divert 2 SCV's to gas collection.

As soon as you've secured mineral and gas collection, convert your Command Center into an Orbital Command, now you can build a Mule which works like an SCV but faster so less waiting.  The payoff is Mules have a limited lifespan, so keep them in production as the speed they can harvest and repair makes a huge difference.

What you want to do after you have around 15 supply is get an engineering bay and upgrade plus one weapons. Immediately afterwards get two more barracks and continue to spam produce marines, get a tech lab on one and research combat shield. Remember to keep producing SCVs and consider getting the reactor addon. Push out when your upgrades complete. If you dont win with the push expand and tech up but you should be in a good position with the potential damage.
REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Cool ,thanks for laying it out. So you need max of three SCV's on the refinery how many max should you put on mineral collection?

Once you get this base laid out what are good units to focus on mid and end game? I know a lot depends on what the enemy is doing. I played Red Alert 3 and other CnC games so I think once I get the hang of it I will fly.

I watched a video last night where they walled off the entrance with a building. Do you block off all entrances to your base or one out of two etc.? Can your units walk past your own buildings if you block all entrances off?

The barracks can be a bunker too right, do you leave the defending marines in the bunker r only when an enemy approaches to keep them more mobile?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
3 SCV's per mineral patch. (actually ideally it's two and a half!)

You can block off your ramp to your base with a barracks and two supply depots. Your units cannot walk past your buildings but supply depots can be lowered at will so your units can pass.

There is a separate bunker building you should use in defensive situations or when attacking with an early rush against a fast expanding player.

Good units to go for is a strong bio all, ie. marines and marauders, with  medivacs to support and siege tanks to contain.
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REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Ah that's right I forgot about lowering supply depots. Would it be better to build a bunker to block instead of barracks or does it have more to do with WHEN you can build them so you need to get something up ASAP.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I'd build a choke point at the ramp early on.
If you play a basic map, say Terran vs. Protos, vs the PC you'll usually find the AI leaves the ramp open and you can just walk in and win!

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REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Cool, should be a lot of fun. I wish I had more time to practice before the party.
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