Can't access Google Voice Account

I have a google voice account.  I created a number and it works great.  One day I realized I couldn't login!  When I click 'forgot login' link, it asks me for my google number, but once I type it in, it tells me it will email me at my Yahoo email account.  I don't have Yahoo!  Someone may have hacked my account!  I don't know how to notify google... or how to get my GV number back.

Any suggestions?
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getzjdCommented:  Follow this and if you have to, fill  out the account recovery form.  It may take you a while, but if you are the true owner, you should be able to get it back,
4millieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link.  I had found 'several' links like this where it walks you through some troubleshooting steps, but unfortunately it didn't work (for me) and I couldn't find a way to talk to a 'live' person to resolve this.  Thank you for your assistance with this!
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