IP Based bandwidth monitor needed.

My ISP has a 60GB limit then charges $20 for 10GB additional if you go over.

I downloaded about 7 episodes (3gb) of a season 1-7 TV show torrent (34GB), I should have only got the 3gb, but when I look at the monthly report I see that it has calculated the entire 34GB into my usage.

I need an IP based bandwidth monitor I can use to see all upload and download traffic on my network.

Any good ones you experts suggest?
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Ntop is what you need, remember too that WIndows update, AV updates, and browsing in general take up bandwidth. There are a lot of background things happening in your computer. When you Torrent, you are also serving others at the same time your DL'ing, you become part of the "swarm" so other people are getting pieces of data from you that you have DL'd, even if you don't have the entire file. Also remember Torrents of TV shows are typically illegal and you can be traced.
That being said, this is all the help you will get from me.

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