Adobe Acrobat slow under RDP

Our owner works from home, a Win7 laptop controlling a WinXP Pro computer via RDP.  Excel and Word work great.  When he opens Acrobat Standard X and tries to scroll the pdf, it takes many seconds to refresh the screen to the next page.  Is there a way to make this work better?
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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
What we have done is set Acrobat's view to display a full page.  This seems to speed it some. Then when you get to the page you want you can zoom in. Acrobat files are mostly graphic in nature and RDP doesn't like that too much.  
As previously mentioned by pony10us, Acrobat files tend to have lots of graphics.  Graphics not specifically created for web viewing are generally larger and eat up bandwidth.  

An internet connection with more bandwidth (higher speed) would improve this provided the hardware (Ethernet devices) support the higher speed.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If he wants faster speed, get a faster web conection at both ends. RDP is always slower that actially beon at the pc so you have to accept the fact that at times, based on the application you are running, you might see a delay.
As mentioned above, it's matter of video graphics that's too slow in RDP. You can't watch a movie via RDP either, because of same problem.

For test, did you try Foxit Reader? Maybe this software work better. I personally this this, not Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's better to test it

lgottlieb45Author Commented:
Thanks!  The solution for us is to use RDP to transfer the pdf files to the local computer and open them locally.
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