change mouse behavior in linux/aix

I have several different linux and aix environments.  How can I standardize the mouse behavior. I want to double click to highlight text and right click to paste text.
I am using bash shell in linux and gnome desktop.
I also want to be able to standardize the shell used in all environments.

Thanks in advance.
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Those would be functions of the terminal emulator (e.g. xterm, konsole, or whatever gnome's version is called), or whatever program you are trying to use the mouse on.  If you are using Gnome everywhere you should be able to adjust the configuration to "standardize" on something--whatever it supports--but I don't know whether or not it lets you reassign those things.   Possibly there is some way to exchange the middle and right mouse buttons in the window managers (or by taking apart the mouse and rewiring it).  Actually, I think this will be very difficult and you'd be better off accepting the defaults, which will be more standard across systems than what you'll end up with trying to change it in a bunch of different environments.

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dplinnaneAuthor Commented:
If I can't change the behavior of the mouse , is there some type of script I could run to insure my shell is the same.
In linux it is defaulted to bash which I find easy to use but in AIX its something else ( i do not have access now) but its a pain in the a.. to move cursor around. In aix the left and right arrow do not work to move either cursor it's shift L and H. (any ideas what this shell is) I don't have time to learn multiple shells. I just want to be able to use the same no matter what OS I am working on.
The shell is part of your user profile in /etc/passwd.  If you don't have permission to change it, you can always add a line at the end of your .profile (or .login or whatever, depending on the shell) to "exec bash".

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