Help convert a small gif to a vector

I have a small gif image (180x90) that I want to try to convert to a vector image.  I want to use it for a website and also be able to use for t-shirts.  
I am helping with a non-profit website that deals with veterans and nascar.
Can anyone direct me or help?
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There are several ways to make vector art from a .gif - 1) using photoshop and saving paths to Illustrator.  2) using Illustrator to trace and create vector shapse and 3) using Corel Draw's trace features

But, as D Brugge said, the results don't work very well with such a small image. I agree with him that if you could upload the image we could give you better advice.

David BruggeCommented:
Depending on the subject matter, a 180 x 90 image is just about impossible to convert to vector using conversion software, and will most likely need to be reproduced by hand. Why not upload the image and let us take a look at it so that we can give you some suggestions.
WPC479Author Commented:
I ended up using photoshop and illustrator. His was a good push. And I almost started over and created from catch
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