Our database Exchange 2003 STD has reached the limit of 75GB

To make free space on myu exchange database, i moved a large amount of email in PST files.

I created a PST for each user whose mailbox was too big and then I moved the old items in the PST.

Overall, I moved about 20GB of data on PST file.

I made an online defragmentation and then I made ¿¿an offline defragmentation using the command eseutil.exe /d d:\exchange\priv1.edb /t d:\exchange\defragtemp.edb

It allowed me to gain about 250MB.

How to get the 20GB of space I've done by moving the email in PST?

thank you
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
It sounds like you have already taked the initial steps to clean up exchange. Next, have your users open outlook and perform the following:

1. Delete all unnecessary mail
2. Move old mail into PSt files
3. Empty their deleted folder.

Then run a backup and trigger exchange nightly maintenance.

Open the Event View, filter Application logs for Exhcnage Mailstore and event id 1221. that will show you the free space in the database.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Additional items
1. Move all mail from ex-employees into PST files and delete those accounts.
2. Log into user accounts, run a search in ll folders for Joke emails and delete them.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Emergency Steps:

Consider moving mail from a few large accounts into PSt files, run a vbackup and nightly maintenance.

If nothing else helps, upgrade to enterprise.
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Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
I had a user with a 11GB box. I moved 5GB e-mail in a PST. I then made ¿¿the maintenance and then a eseutil / d. I have recovered no spaces.

Then I did a backup of the box, I deleted, I made a maintenance and eseutil / d and it helped to win over the 6GB database.

Why it has not recovered the full 11GB. There is probably a reason and solution.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
You need to run a backup and then trigger the nightly exchange maintenance. This provides the event id 1221 that shows the amount of free space in the mailstore.

I've run into the same problem and these steps worked well for me. You don't need to run esutil unless your mailsore won't mount or is corrupt.
Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
Ok i will try it. Today
You must decrease retention period for deleted items. By default retention period is 14 days for mail items and 30 day for mailboxes. Change this period to 1 day, and  next day perform full backup of DB, and then perform offline defrag via eseutil /d

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Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:

I have changed this this morning for 0 day.

its OK for 0 day or i must change it for 1 day?
zero value usualy mean to unlimited period, afaik
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Sorry, I forgot to mention updating the retension period.
Naushad shaikhIT Consultant - Messaging SupportCommented:
ok you you change zero days retention period,now need to schedule online maintenance (online defrag)

Let it complete ,monitor ESE event for Start and end of this process.
after this  check for ESE event's

Event: 1221 this will show white space in database ,what you get after off-line defarg

if this event show 11 GB then you database get reduce that much size after running Eseutil /d.
100% this problem you face be cause of retention period  
Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your Help!
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