reading the innerhtml of unorderedlist from server side

I would like to parse the unorderedlist innerhtml and parse the string. When I try to get the innerhtml from code behind as follows , I only get "\r\n   ".

I can add elements to the unordered list through code behind and javascript as follows:

foreach (DataRow auditUser in auditUsers.Rows)
                //for each user in the audit , add a li to the unordered list, kinda similar to doing this in javascript addtouserlist function
                string li = "<li class='username' id ='" + auditUser["AuditMgmtUser_ID"] + "'>";
                string deleteCtl = "<a href='#' class='removelink' onclick ='return removeuser(" + auditUser["AuditMgmtUser_ID"] + ");'>x</a>";
                li += auditUser["firstname"] + deleteCtl + "</li>";
                ulSelectedUsers.InnerHtml += li;

 function adduserToList(userId, userName) {
        var li = $("<li></li>").text(userName).addClass("username");
        $(li).attr("id", userId);

        var deleteCtl = $("<a>").text("x");
            href: "#",
            class: "removelink"

        $(deleteCtl).attr("onclick", "return removeuser(" + userId + ")");

        var selectedusersul = "<%=ulSelectedUsers.ClientID%>";
        $("#" + selectedusersul).append(li);

Please help. Thanks

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Atique AnsariCommented:
I guess its typing mistake. Your code has InnerHtml, it should be innerHTML.
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