Switching left and right buttons in Windows 7

I am using a Logitech MediaPlay wireless mouse with the latest version of Logitech software (SetPoint 6.32.7).  The problem is that in Windows 7 I cannot permanently switch the function of the left and right buttons (make it left-handed).  SetPoint doesn't claim to be able to do this, but with previous versions of Windows I have been able to do it in the Control Panel with a check box that says "Switch primary and secondary buttons."  The check box is still there, and it still works ... until the next reboot.  I called the Logitech help desk and this was the best they could do.  Any ideas?  I'm thinking at least there must be a PowerShell script I could run on bootup that performs the switch each time.
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I know that you can change it in the registry as well.

Use HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse\
And add a new string value called SwapMouseButtons.
0 = right handed
1 = left handed

When you have added it - export the registry value and let the .reg file run on startup (that is - if it gets deleted when you reboot).

Hope it works!

Information taken from: http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/788/
PS SwapMouseButtons may already exist - in that case just change the value to 1!
PPS Oh and you may need to restart after you have changed the value - as it may not work straight away.
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NonComposMentisAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Wiesje.  As you suspected, setting SwapMouseButtons to 1 does not make the mouse left-handed straight away.  On the other hand, shutting the computer down and restarting actually reverts the value to 0.  I haven't actually tried importing the value on bootup yet, but the exercise appears to be futile owing to the timing of the events.  You've given me an idea, however.  It may be worthwhile to see what registry changes are made, if any, when the relevant check box in the Control Panel is checked.  I'm not sure I will get to this today (I'm already late for an appointment), but I'll try.
Let me know how it goes... I wonder what on earth is setting it back to 0.

I'll have a look around on internet and see if I can find anything worthwhile!
Here is the way to call it: RUNDLL32.EXE USER32.DLL,SwapMouseButton
taken from: http://vlaurie.com/computers2/Articles/rundll32.htm

And if all else false I've even found a simple program that switches from right to left: http://www.fxc.btinternet.co.uk/software.htm
(Not that you really want to have to do that... but hey, better mentioned than totally disregarded!).

Oh and here are a lot of other Logitech customers with exactly the same issue:

Someone does mention another solution there and that is using uberOptions. Apparently that overrides the settings at startup.
Perhaps worth a try!

That is about all I could find... good luck - I truelly hope this crazy Logitech problem is resolved for you soon!

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NonComposMentisAuthor Commented:
I placed the given command "RUNDLL32.EXE USER32.DLL,SwapMouseButton
" in a cmd file in the Startup folder.  However, *something* is getting loaded after this script is run that resets the mouse to its default state.  The situation is easily remedied by placing a PAUSE command before the RUNDLL32.  There is a bit of an inconvenience in having to go to the command window and manually restart the script, so that RUNDLL is the last thing that happens on bootup.  I have not yet tried a SLEEP command, but that would probably work, too.
Yes, that *something* is the stupid logitech software.

They really should get rid of that bug, I mean there are quite a few left-handed people in this world!

I'm glad you have got something to work!
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