How to connect iPad and a notebook wirelessly without cable, routter or access point, simething like 'cable ad-hoc'

We can connect like a peer-to-peer two computers using a ethernet cable.  We want the same thing but with an iPad and a notebook but wireless and no router or access point.
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rayluvsAuthor Commented:


- Go to the Network and Sharing Center
- Then "Set up a new connection or network".
- Choose an ad hoc network
- Setup Network & password with WEPA2
- Click to activate Internet sharing
- Finally, checkmark "Save this network".

This permits my iPad to connect to the Internet via notebooks connection and also permits my iPad to connect via Remote Desktop to the notebook
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
We want to do 2 things with this connection:

1. Connect from the iPad to the Notebook with an apps we have for Remote Desktop (we have
    already tested this connection with a Router)

2. We want to use the Internet connection that the Notebook has.

Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
I don't think there is a combination of apps and functionality on the iPad that supports both goals.  Remote Dekatop, yes.  Pass through Internet access, no.
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Assuming the notebook is Apple and is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable you can do the steps as explained on this web page:
I'm sure a Windows notebook should be able to do the same, but I'm not a Windows expert so I can't explain the details.

If the notebook is functioning as a wifi base station, you should be able to connect to it from the iPad.

Is this what you plan to do?
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
The notebook is Windows and we have successfully setup an ad-hoc network in the Windows Notebook.  Also we have successfully connected the iPad to the notebook via Wireless to that Network name.

The problem we have is how to configure the iPad to:

   - make remote desktop run and connect to the notebook
   - share files within the two

What we want is to have the iPad share the internet connection and also connect to thr notebook via remote desktop apps we already have in the iPad
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
To clarify what we want:  

     We are looking and for and right now trying to do, is convert our Windows Notebook into
     a Wifi Hotspot.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
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