Is there anyone here Who can show me the Way of Being Mechatronics Engineer.

Hi guys,
Since I have conscious, I know I love computers
And electronic devices
And mechanic designs.

Now there is an industrial science which is called mechatronics includes all of them.

After some device designs and learning ASM for PIC controllers and getting experience with Delphi I realised I just not love mechatronics, besides I have talent for it.

My plan is getting enough money with my current job (8 hours a day) and (same time) get experience by projects and reading (10 hours a day) after getting enough foundation get good education for mechanic, electronic and Delphi from a Professional.
So, which universiy in USA you can recommend me
Or do you think should I hire experts to teach me for the advances of programming, electronics and mechatronics?
Or what would you do if you were me?
Thank you

** additional information added at askers request (evilrix EEZA)

A mechatronics project to stop Hunger in Africa

Hi guys,

I love mechatronics

And my real job is Veterinarian an I also love it.

I have seen Pictures of childreen from Africa for years and suffer for them.

When I combine these 3 situations I decided to make a project.

Self managed robotic barns with digital and infrared camera visioned different kind of robots.

I want to build prototypes in my country then in the other countries which suffer from hunger.

I have sense that I can accomplish this idea in years. But I need your guide to be a good mechatronic
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
study english first if you want to follow courses in usa
You might look at the basic course requirements

A paper on the sublect

fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
you meant "study english as well" I think, and I am working on it
Learn Ruby Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to Ruby, as well as teach you about classes, methods, variables, data structures, loops, enumerable methods, and finishing touches.

Emmanuel PASQUIERFreelance Project ManagerCommented:
I have had the same interests in electronic and computers as yours for ages. While I have managed to learn system programming all by myself, and enough electronic to do small systems, I really have the feeling that electronics is much more difficult to learn alone (you can't download a piece of system just to try it and modify it as you please).
So either your project can be done just by assembling some market components with an intermediate electronics knowledge, and then my advice is to try move on your project step by step and learn along the way, or you know already that you will need to create some key hardware parts, and then you should get some high level formation about it, or find a partner with the same goal as yours that is more specialized in electronics, and might want to learn from you the computer part.
That last option, find a good partner, being the top of the top to get your project a chance of working in a reasonable time
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
study the most difficult first, the rest is easier
most difficult for me was the electronics :)

everything has to start somewhere, you can always start in studying electronic schemas
like the timers :
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
do you know this one for PIC programming which I follow. I think it is the best which I ever read.

But I am still lack of basic electronic skills. Do you know good source for it?
Which I can follow from very beginning to be pro?
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
check your local library ... they should have some books

or google basic electronics
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
I got the message you gave. I got it because I tried to build a CNC like robot from 0. Tried to build its Electronic card and mechanical parts. Therefore I understood the thing you explained.

However my principle is this: Pathways just for the ones who knows the long way.
I meant if I don't know how to build an electronic card how can I explain, what I want to do, to the expert.

Anyway for the next decade I can study day and night from beginning to end. I just don't want to waste my time surfing internet to find a piece of knowledge (and compile all of them :) to build a usable library in my brain.

It would be very nice to have a source which I can follow from beginning to end.
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
nice one thank you.. (and 100 point it is :)
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
lol, there is never a guarantee that you won't hurt your brain ... :)
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
For basic electronics you could use the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook
Not many universities offer this mulch-disciplinary subject
you might want to look at this

When I combine these 3 situations I decided to make a project.
Self managed robotic barns with digital and infrared camera visioned different kind of robots.
I want to build prototypes in my country then in the other countries which suffer from hunger.

In an area that has no electricity where would you get the power to run this robotic barn? Do you understand the culture of the area and know if your ideas would be accepted by the countryside? One has to understand the culture, the geography, the climate, what has been tried before, what has worked and what has failed and the why's and wherefore's.  

Where are the building materials of the barn going to come from?  What is the barn going to store? Not only you but the people you want to help have to learn to crawl before they can learn to walk and then maybe run..
I think it's also called Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

For your farming project, there have been recent advances in LED lighting that provide only the parts of light that plants need (i.e. rather than trying to reproduce the entire spectrum delivered by our sun), which can be powered by relatively small battery banks charged by solar panels, and container growing implemented in layers so acres of agriculture can be recreated in a single building.
The battery banks also run the pumps for watering, which is mostly collected from drainoff and recycled. That eliminates nearly all of the fuel and large equipment currently used for tillage, spraying and harvest on mega-farms, and can be located near where people actually live, which drastically reduces the amount of fuel used for delivery to market as well. Herbicides for weed control are eliminated, as well as most pesticides, with fertilizer/nutrients applied with the watering only in the amounts needed.

You can have multiple buildings each in their own stage of 'annual' production (controlled by hours of light per 'day' with programmable timers; not unlike the way mega-farms force chickens to lay 3 eggs/day) so no fruit/produce is ever "out of season."

There are, in fact, already companies with turnkey solutions for this type of system...
So you've got a bit of catch-up to do if you want to re-invent that wheel.

fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
About electricity my plan is this interesting approach.
this is Turkish (from news) sorry for that

but there is also this one in English

I believe in that this is not scam and my plan is to use this jenerator.

But our problem is being mechatronics first. Don't worry I ll take care of the problems later...
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
It is a scam there is no such thing as free energy.  
Ugh. I'm sorry I wasted my time on this. I'm clicking the 'Stop Monitoring' link at the top now.
"My plan is getting enough money with my current job (8 hours a day) and (same time) get experience by projects and reading (10 hours a day)"

8 hr work +  10 hr reading  leaves 6 hours to sleep (not enough) 0 hours to eat. You will starve.

So, which universiy in USA you can recommend me
Try MIT. They also have many free lectures on the Internet

"Or do you think should I hire experts to teach me for the advances of programming, electronics and mechatronics?"

NO  Is a waste of money.  Best to go to a good university
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
The first thing.
If that is scam (wich I don't think) I can find another way especially the solar one.


I work while eating (in my brain lab, try to figure out the solutions (and it really works sometimes)), and also sleeping (with continuing brain functions which settle the learned knowledge into neurons like the other human (but may be with exception I am learning electronics and so on while the others learning mp3s).

About MIT Thanks alot

And this message worth 100 points (In my consideration).
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
So you've got a bit of catch-up to do if you want to re-invent that wheel.

No actually I am just trying to reduce the cost of production with home made ingredients
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Economies of scale will kill you.. the initial prototype may cost you thousands while the end product in volume may cost only a few hundred. You can build a simple transistor in your home but it will cost you 100 x the price of a simple 555 timer or an op amp which has many transistors.

If you want to start simple and homegrown create your own hard drive.  Think about the costs involved and the cost that a much better manufactured hard drive will cost you.

right now you don't know what you don't know.  The way of learning is that the more that you know the more that you know that you don't know, until you know absolutely everything about something small (but it is significant).
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
Guys what about California technology instute. I heard very good things about it
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
I meant California Institute of Technology
"Guys what about California technology instute. I heard very good things about it"

It is indeed VERY good but MIT is probably a little more engineering orientated.
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
how can i go to Cit or mit graduate, undergraduate or? I have PhD in microbiology but I am not sure it means something
go to
and click on the  'contact' link and then 'Admissions Office web site'
they will tell you (if you ask them)  what you need to know ...

fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
I tried to get information from another university before and They even didn't care to answer therefore I am little unenthusiastic for application forms.
Besides I have very good feelings for California Technology institute. I think I will apply to there.

However. Any suggestion how to do that. For example I am 33 years old, graduated from faculty of Veterinary and got PhD.
Which course or which kind of studentship could be suitable for me?
Thanks anyway.
why change ? being Vet is great....
what you want to be all depends on you...
no one can tell you that....
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
I know, but I need to use my talents and it looks they are much more about mechanic then veterinary. And I also want to use that talent to serve veterinary.
so take a holiday ... go to California (CIT) ...have a look around ... talk to live people...

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fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone I got some useful thoughts after this discussion
Just back after a long holiday.  Sorry for the delay.

The mission of every public and private non-profit university is to educate people.  
So they are much more interested in applicants who need an education than those that already have one.

With a terminal degree (a PhD) you would probably not be accepted into most undergraduate or graduate programs.

At MIT, for example, you might qualify as a Special Student:
There is additional information for International Students:
And some financial information as well: 

As someone with a strong science background and a PhD, you are nominally qualified to teach at the university level.
You should certainly be able to teach yourself the practical aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering.

The scope of your target project (the robotic barn) is certainly larger than any single person could handle.  
The project team would certainly include electrical, mechanical, and computer engineers as you have suggested.  
But it would also require experts in business and finance (an MBA type) and public policy (lawyer or political science type).  
The most important member of the team would be someone expert in application area, in this case. agriculture and veterinary science.  

This last role is probably the one you would be most suited for.
fatihbarutAuthor Commented:
thanks for interest firstly

I am pretty sure I ll be happy to be the most important person in a project however I have to share something.

There is very popular Laboratory test which is called ELISA and I designed the fastest program in the market, to get data from ELISA reader device, interpret and report.

then I designed the fastest ELISA robot on the earth and also wrote its program. Therefore I know if I do something with robots or programs I can do it better then regular one.

I don't want this talent, be abandoned, this is my concern...
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