HP mini 311 operating system dilemna

Good evening everyone, and thanks in advance for your help and support!  

Here is the scenario:
HP Mini 311-1100 netbook
Seagate 160GB SATA hard drive

netbook was brought to me to fix.  Would hang on Windows Splash screen and periodically restart.  I thought if I booted into Windows recovery, I could go to command prompt and run chkdsk and then possibly even fixboot and fixmbr if needed.  Well, when I boot with the USB device, I am not able to see the hard drive.  I have tried booting with 2 XP install disks and a USB jump drive.  Is it my CD drive that is just incompatible with the BIOS?  That kind of doesn't make sense though because the XP installation does start.  I need to be able to reload XP, if at all possible, and any assistance would certainly be appreciated.  I have been on the HP website and they talk about HP recovery and Roxio recovery and all of that.  I have no recovery disks.  The client does not have any disks.  No disks.  This is basically from scratch.
Based on what I have found out so far, this seems to be difficult, or I am just looking in the wrong place, so that is why this is worth more.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
XP will not install natively on a SATA hard drive. This has always been true. So you need to go into the BIOS and change AHCI to Compatability Mode. That usually works.

If no such setting exists, then you must supply the SATA drivers for that machine to XP either by slipstreaming the drivers or providing the drivers at load time. ... Thinkpads_User
jelovinAuthor Commented:
Since there is no setting in the BIOS, that would leave me with either slipstreaming or providing the drivers at load time, if I had a USB floppy drive.  So for argument sake let's slipstream.  I cannot find the driver for a Seagate SATA 2.5" 160GB hard drive installed in a HP mini 311-1100 so that I can slipstream that driver into a CD.  Any thoughts?
it is not in the bios - but when starting the install from cd
you get a line under the screen saying press F6 to load drivers -  then you can load the driver
or slipstream the driver into the installcd  : http://www.digitgeek.com/how-to-slipstream-sata-drivers-into-xp-cd/

btw you do NOT need the driver for the sata DISK, but for the Sata CONTROLLER
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Have you tried pressing F11 almost as soon as you have powered up?  It MAY have a "Recovery Partition" seeing as it apparently came with no CDs/DVDs.

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You shouldn't be looking for the HD's drivers, but rather for the HD controller's drivers. If there is no such driver listed on the HP site, then it is usually part of the chipset drivers:


Usually those drivers are packed into an installer, so you may have to run that installer first to get the drivers extracted Before you copy them to the floppy or add them to you your slipstreamed CD.

Better would be, though, if you just order the recovery media (also via the Link above). That way you can just start the recovery process, and you won't have License and activation issues like you would have when you install another XP version. Such recovery media is usually much cheaper than if you bought a new XP license.
that's what i poste rindi
Thank you jelovin
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