All machine show NETLOGON errors in the Event Log when booting


I run a small domain with Windows Server 2008 DCs, several member servers and workstations. The member servers run Windows Server 2008, R2 or Windows 7. Some are VMs some are standalone.

On every server and workstation I see the error below in the eventlog after the machine has been boot up.
Log Name:      System
Source:        NETLOGON
Date:          12/17/2011 11:41:47 PM
Event ID:      5719
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
This computer was not able to set up a secure session with a domain controller in domain DOMAIN due to the following:
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.
This may lead to authentication problems. Make sure that this computer is connected to the network. If the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.  

If this computer is a domain controller for the specified domain, it sets up the secure session to the primary domain controller emulator in the specified domain. Otherwise, this computer sets up the secure session to any domain controller in the specified domain.

The error is being logged only once while the machine starts up. Additionally every thing on the workstations and servers work without a problem but since all my machines show this error I am a little concerned about it.

Any ideas?

Thank you
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Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Can you post the output from DC's command-line for analyze, please?

dcdiag /e /c /v >c:\dcdiag.log

Thank you in advance

Mc2102Author Commented:
I only have two domain controllers. Lets call them DC01 and DC02. DC02 holds all the FSMOs so I can the command from above on that one and attached the output as the file called 'diag output.txt' to this question. I had a look into this file but I have to admit I was not able to find anything what would ring my alarm bells.
Mc2102Author Commented:
Very weird. I was just going to work on the issue today but now I cannot reproduce the issue besides on Windows 7 machine. All others do not throw the error anymore.

I will have a closer look into the one Windows 7 machine but according to my research that could be plenty of diffrent things including AV.

However for now I will close this question.
Mc2102Author Commented:
Issue seems to have been disappeared. Only one Windows 7 machine seems to still have the issue.
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