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I have a powerpivot table with sales data. I then have a related date table. In this date table I have a running period column. We often need to look at prior 3 fiscal periods. For example, wer are in fiscal period 13 of 2011, or running period 26 in my date table since it goes back to 2010. what would my measure formula be to sum up volume for all dates that have a running period >=23 and <= 25. (Of course I would want this to be dynamic, so if i looked at last period's data it would show >=22 and <=24
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if you are using MS Access
you can run SQL

select dates,sum([sumfiledname]) as sumRecords from [Tablename] group by [dates] having dates >=22/12/2011 and date <=24/12/2011
please ignore my prevoius SQL
below SQL is correct
select dates,sum([sumfiledname]) as sumRecords from [Tablename]  where dates >=22/12/2011 and date <=24/12/2011 group by [dates]

or you can use Excel Pivot table wizard

Data-> Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Report
nirajkrishnaAuthor Commented:
Looking for this:

Not a lot of PowerPivot users on EE it seems

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nirajkrishnaAuthor Commented:
Looking for DAX solution
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