Outlook Express email spammed


Another client of mine has got probelms with the email. I asked them to send test emails to 4 of my different emails. I have received a few messages of the same content to each email of mine. Is this the indication of email being spammed. This is a newly set up email address.
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Yes, that looks like a real problem, if every email sent is also sending a spam along as well..
is that what is happening?

Spam... a real problem.  Are you running email services ona dedicated server?
who hosts the email service?

Which ever it is, you need to tweak the spam setting on the server. Can you adjust these yourself?
IF you have configuration access, see what you can do to tighten up the spam settings.
IF you have cPanel you can do all that yourself. YOu also have to check the default email address (there is one with most email servers) and if your getting any kind of spam you can bet the emails that the server cannot send to a specific email address... goes there... and it can fill up, and cause other problems.
There are too many ways to list what to do. It depends on what the server setup is?
OS? windows, linux, etc..
what kind of email server is being used?

Related to the test, you said that the client sent test emails to 4 email addresses.
It sounds like you did NOT receive all the emails you should have, is that right?
let me know a little more of the "design" of this issue.
who is the hosting email provider?
running a dedicated server?
Client(s) is using Outlook Express?
How old were/are the email address that you (or who) setup for you?
How could the email addresses have been harvested for spamming, or is the server being totally spammed?

Need a little more info..

RemapAuthor Commented:
My client hosts email elsewhere. POP and SMTP ports are 110 and 25. Prior to issue with the spam there was one email sent out of the Outlook Express to all clients within the address book about some changes within the organization. After that the trouble started.
Basically, I have a few email address and asked my client to send me one test email from teir email address to all mine. Every email of mine received a few copies of the email sent by the client.

I am not sure if they have access to the server as there is a team of people looking after their website and it seems they can somehow manage emails but I am not sure if they can tighten things up.
At the moment if they send email to anyone a few more a copied and send as well. So rather then one only someone receives 4,5,6 it varies.
RemapAuthor Commented:
I got like 60 emails today os the same content from the clients email address, despite they did not send anything to me today. They were dated from Saturday the day we did the first text. This is getting very bad... We have deleted the account from OE until it is sorted. Anymore thoughts please !!!
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There definitly is either a problem with the email services on the server, or the way it was setup or maleware / email virus in the email server or even the client(Outlook Express)  capturing and then sending additional email when one is sent.

To fix this, try and locate where the problem is first, just don't try and fix the issue, find out what is causing this in the first place.

1. Are all clients/customers that use this email service (if you have more than one) experiencing a problem like this?
2. Is the service provider of email services aware of this issue?
3. If you deleted the email account and created a different one, is this still occuring if client sends a test email?

You need to interface with the technicians who control/adminster the email service(s) for these email accounts. Those are the people who have the most influence to diagnose and fix the issue.

If the issue is NOT with the email services, then the clients have maleware/viruses that are causing Outlook Express to send mulitple emails or a configuration issue in setting up the email.

Again, try and find where the problem is, so then it can be addressed.
Either the client, or the email service provider.
The client needs to run some serious anti-maleware and virus scans on their PC, and make sure that MS Office and the system has been updated via Microsoft Update.

If the issue is with the email service provider, they need to look into what may be causing the issue, and at first blush, screw down the security on the spam controls withing the email program on the server that is handling the emails.
Also a mis config within Outlook Express as far as the server setup for outgoing mail could also be an issue. An email account (outbound) can is handled by their ISP or the server that actually runs the email service, again, the serers must match up in the email account setting withing Outlook Express.

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RemapAuthor Commented:
very informative. Thank you very much
RemapAuthor Commented:

I have left OE and configured email account within Outlook 2007. The email password has been changed as well. If I send emails from OE it still send a few extra, however, Outlook 2007 behaves fine.
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