Computer stopped working, potential PSU problem

Hello, I was using my computer the other day and it started behaving poorly in Windows 7 so I did a restart.  The computer then stalled on the 'windows icon' loading screen.  I thought this might be a HDD error.

I tried to reinstall the OS from CD and during installation it also stalls at a point.  There is never a hard reset, instead it get a moving icon wheel or the pulsing windows logo but nothing happens after a great deal of time.  I thought then that memory might be an issue so I ran memtest86 for several hours with no errors.   What makes me think this might be the PSU is when I went into BIOS I saw that the PSU fan was giving me a read of ~300-350 RPM and was highlighted in red.  I thought perhaps that some motherboard settings might be causing the computer to stall because of an unsafe fan speed so I disabled monitoring of all these settings but it still fails.  I don't have a similar PSU to try replacing with in the system.

The overall specifications are:
Thermaltake TR2 RX 1200w psu
Intel 2600-k i7
16 gb ddr3
2x geforce 480 gtx
P8P67 Deluxe motherboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't know what else to try before attempting to replace PSU.

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Tony BarkdullTier 2 SupportCommented:
either borrow another PSU or borrow a tester and test yours. My opinion is it is failing at a heavy load point.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I gotta steal one from the master before nobus says:

Download the Knoppix live CD and see if the system runs normally.  It would be prudent to disconnect the hard drive beforehand to prevent ... well, you've started a Windows reload, so an accidental overwrite won't destroy critical data on the drive.

My suspicion is that there is an intermittent disk problem, either the CD or the hard drive, and an I/O is stalling permanently.  I've seen a failing CD drive on IDE channel 2 cause I/O problems on IDE channel 1, so it's not always the obvious culprit.

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Do you happen to be running an OCZ SSD drive? If if your not have you tested your hdd?
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BevosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great comments everyone, I really appreciate em.  I'll address them in the order of receipt.

I tried to get a new powersupply (this time, a corsair 1200W PSU).   Plug it in, and I get the same stalling.  I was only connecting the minimum number of things (HDD, 1x video card, mobo).  The one thing that might be noteworthy is that because of the case, all the SATA ports connected are daisy chained on a single cable.  So I didn't test the HDD alone.  

The primary operating system was installed on a 128 Crucial SSD (Sandforce II, windows 7) and I had a backup on a 1TB 7200 HDD with windows server 2008.  Both OSes have the same stall when starting.  The stall even happen when I try to boot a mini OS from a flash drive.

Because the PSU swap didn't work I'm planning on returning that today and picking up another board for the i7.  I'd love to not have to try that if any of you experts can think of possible alternative solutions.  

I am not noticing any of the typical warnings for computer problems (no hard crashing just stalling at windows logo, no LEDs indicating a problem on the motherboard, no audible beeps indicating problems during POST and boot).  

The only peculiar thing that I did notice, which makes me think motherboard issue, is that the power fan speed was being read strangely with the new PSU as well.  When I went into BIOS the value would quickly change between a null -- and then quickly flash to an RPM shown in red again.  The motherboard is a quality one though and I haven't heard many complaints about it after Asus released the revised version.  

Thanks again Bevo
BevosAuthor Commented:
Oh, sorry I didn't address DrKhan.  I am going to try to do the Knoppix live CD thing tonight too.  I didn't have any media to write it on.
Remove the ssd and see if the server 2008 will boot. I had the same symptoms on my gaming rig and it was a failed SSD. mine was a 180GB ocz with the sandforce 2 controller. There seems to be an issue with these controllers, OCZ was hit the hardest ( i have had to replace mine twice within 1 year of having it) supposedly the issue has been corrected with the latest firmware (1.35 for the ocz drives). The issue with happen suddenly no warning whatso ever the drive is going to fail(atleast hdds will usually give some indication of imminent failure), the system will try and boot and just sit at the windows loading screen no matter what drive you boot to(I have another copy of 7 and xp on spare drives that also failed to boot with the ssd installed. With the ssd removed the system worked fine and would boot to any os I wanted.
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