To iOS 5 or not to iOS 5, that is the question :D

I have an app currently running on iOS 3.x which was written using MonoTouch.  I want to re-write the app in native Obj-C, using Storyboard, ARC and all of the other slick goodies of XCode 4.

My question is:  for those users that want my new version, but might not have iOS 5, is this a big thing for them to upgrade to iOS 5?  Should I have a new app altogether with the same functionality as the original only change the name and add one more function to make it different?
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pgnatyukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like usual - press "Download and Install" button in iTunes and wait for an hour - that's the installation.
How I remember people complained about the battery issue on iOS 5.
I, personally, had more problems with Xcode 4 and SDK compare with Xcode 3 than with iOS versions.
rmmarshAuthor Commented:
How do I find out what the consensus it "out there" about upgrading to iOS 5, considering the battery problems?
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